Jay Moody's Bio



Jay Moody is a versatile Native American (Cheroenhaka/Creek) swamp roots singer/song-writer, artist and anthropologist.  His roots-rock style is deeply influenced by folk, funk, blues, pub rock and Country with a touch of Caribbean rhythms and a pint of Irish Celtic melodies. These influences create the sonic mosaic of a musical nomad wandering somewhere between the beach, the swamp, and the desert. He is currently performing in intimate venues throughout the Southeastern United States.

In 2013 Jay released Pub Songs on Palafox, a four-song, solo EP intended to capture the raw energy and sound from his time busking in the urban setting of his home in downtown Pensacola, Florida. Between 1999 and 2008 under the moniker of Lojah, he wrote and performed with, managed, and produced the Grammy nominated Native American artist Shadowyze.  His song “Pedigree” was featured on the 2001 SOAR™ release “Spirit Warrior” and received radio play throughout North America. 

Jay was born to a large, Native American and Irish family.  Raised in a Navy family, he was brought up in multiple maritime communities including New Orleans, Maryland, and California's Bay Area, while always returning to his home in Florida.  He learned his first guitar chords from his father, also a gigging musician and cut his musical teeth singing on city streets and beaches, and around wilderness campfires throughout the Gulf-coast.

Jay is a dedicated adherent to, and traditional singer in the Muskogee Creek Indian Stomp Dance tradition, and a practicing anthropologist who specializes in Native American tribal affairs.  This has influenced the lyrical and musical elements of his style, immersed in cultural realism, and arcane insight woven together with tongue-in-cheek witticism and a festive vibe.

He keeps a blog at The Moody View and his paintings are available for purchase online and at select art shows